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Knowledge Obesity is killing our generation; unfortunately, in this case, “quantity” does not equate to “quality”. A writer’s task is to add value and bring clarity and quality to the rising tides of information we all have to manage in an age when the written word multiplies exponentially.

As a writer and editor, I am ready to put the full force of my skills, expertise and experience behind your projects or assignments. Perhaps we can help each other.

My Services

I offer a range of bespoke services, and the following are particularly popular with my clients:

  • Academic Editing – I have helped to prepare dozens of academic submissions from PHD theses to papers for publication and specialise in assisting non-native English authors.
  • Copy Editing Technical and Business Documents – I have ongoing contracts to review policy papers, proposals and briefings for corporate clients.
  • Writing Coaching – I deliver tailored workshops or one-to-one sessions on written communication, from the nuts and bolts of grammar to the more subtle elements of style.
  • Press Releases – I can find the angle and pitch a story for a media audience.
  • Researched Briefings – I have prepared a number of accurate and engaging reports according to client’s requirements.
  • Storytelling and Communications Consultancy – I help people to tell their story and accompany them on the journey from an idea and a blank sheet of paper to a published piece.
  • Writing for Performance – I have written scripts, speeches and presentations for myself and others.

My Values

  • Truth – Words can be used to dissemble, cover up and spin, but in my writing I have a commitment to honesty and accuracy.
  • Integrity – Another assignment is not “just another job”; it is an opportunity to strike a blow on behalf of good copy. I believe in this, passionately.
  • Generosity – I believe that co-operation rather than competition is a better way to operate in business and in life. I look to form relationships that are about passion, shared goals and mutual appreciation, rather than merely profit and self promotion.

My Qualifications

I have a BA(Hons) in Anthropology, a diploma in Nursing and four years experience in a range of professional writing, editing and coaching contexts. I am a confident and relaxed public speaker and I have run workshops on diverse topics from communal drumming, through storytelling, to group facilitation. My passions include natural health and lifestyles, natural history, foraging, sustainability and green issues, animal welfare, spirituality, jazz and folk music, mental health, current affairs, modern European history and science fiction.

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If you think I can help you, please feel free to contact me by email at seymour@seymourjacklin.co.uk

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Other Projects:

Stories from the Borders of Sleep: A podcast of my curious tales and fantastical fables.

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