A Doodle a Day: Part VIII (going mobile)

I have lost my blogging rhythm over the summer. I have been happily busy – so busy that “down time = mostly sleeping”. However, I have kept doodling, thanks to an app on my phone. I have found this a simple way to relax. So, once again, in the absence of any substantial words, here are some pictures:

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A Doodle a Day: Part VII

In lieu of a written blog post, here are a few more doodles that bubbled up from my brain in the last month.


Zimbabwe … I miss these rocks and trees very much.






Operatic Scene


Cup and Ocean

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A Doodle a Day: Part VI

Sometimes writing in my journal feels too much like work, so I turn to my storyboard Moleskine and doodle instead – it’s never difficult to fill a simple little rectangle with something that comes to mind. I never try to read too much into what comes out on the page and you shouldn’t either. I have to admit that some of  this latest batch is influenced by Graham McCallum’s book “400 Art Deco Motifs“, which is a recent source of inspiration.

Research tells us that “doodling improves concentration” so we should all do more of it.

The world is not enough.

Boxed Bird

Fife and Drum


Surprised Horse


Devon Coast

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A Doodle A Day Part V

I have kept journals since I was about 15 years old and they have always provided a rich fermentation of ideas that has fueled various creative projects over the years. Earlier this year I found things getting a bit stale (as they do periodically) and I switched to producing a “doodle a day” instead of expecting myself to write (they now have their own Flickr Set). This is now an occasional activity rather than a daily one but since I try to do something visual on this blog at the weekends, here are a few of the more recent doodles.


Nature Vs. Nurture


Abandon Ship

Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens?

A Doodle A Day Part IV

My “doodle a day” journaling has dwindled to more like “a couple of doodles a week” lately but each of the pictures below represents a few moments of reflection and unhurried leisure time. As usual I do not advise trying to read too much into them, they are only doodles after all!

Drawing Pin

You cannot tell things to stop growing.

This is a fragment from an idea for a story yet to be written but soon to appear at http://www.bordersofsleep.com

I don't recall if anyone ever asked Helen if she preferred Sparta or Troy.


A Doodle A Day Part III

This wasn’t intended to turn into a regular feature of the blog but it seems to have been popular so here are some doodles from thelast week:

I think this might be my inner troubador.

What shape are the planets in your universe?

I have always felt a strange affinity for the white rook. Now you know this you will probably be able to beat me at chess.


Waiting has become a habit that's hard to break.

One of the things I miss most about the South of England

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