Thanks, Facebook … it was fun while it lasted …

People sign up to facebook for a number of reasons, but the one I most often hear is a variation on a theme of,  “my friends told me it would be a good way of staying in touch”. This is true. The social networking site, Facebook, is a phenomenal tool for getting and staying in touch with friends near and far. However it is also a potential time waster that can ensnare all but the most disciplined in an endless round of “friending”, “poking”, commenting, “liking”, uploading and all sorts of activities that, in my humble opinion, are weak shadows of what real friendship is.

Thanks to Facebook we have a new verb, “to friend”, but what does having 500 faces in your list really mean? Serial mono-friendist? Insecure but appears popular? I think Facebook has a great a time-limited usefulness and in this article I propose an approach that will make the best use of it without getting hooked, wasting time, or compromising your online privacy.

Facebook (Huh) What Is It Good For? Find It, Friend It, Forget All About It.

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Facebook … it was fun while it lasted …

  1. I think you’re right in a lot of ways. I use it as a cross between an automatic adress book that updates itself and a second email. Also handy for organising events.

    Apparently a lot of people have left recently as the parents have joined… interesting. Who knows what internet fads the future holds?

  2. some truth in that, but you could equally argue that one should cut out small-talk from conversation, because that’s a ‘wasting time’ – The trivial interactions are important in human relationships. I think the encouragement to waste time is more an inherent problem with the internet.

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