After Tomorrow, This Is My Office …

My Office
From Tomorrow This Is My Office

On Wednesday morning I shall roll over as the sun makes itself known through the curtains and take the first breath of my first day in a new chapter of life. This time, I will be waking up for the dream.

I’m only one of billions who dream of being their own boss, but perhaps only one of thousands stupid enough to try it. The “top kill” of common sense has long failed to plug the writing urge; so the day has finally arrived when I shall walk away from my job as a psychiatric nurse and become some sort of pimp for my pen. The decision has not been taken lightly and I sense a very hard road ahead, but I’m busting to get on it.

My initial plan is to take the next three months of relative financial predictability, thanks to savings and a working wife, to graft for 50 hours a week and get a better idea if the whole project is viable. Come September, I hope to have an answer to the question, “Can I make this writing lark pay?” Between now and then there’s a terrific barrage of creative projects to be executed.

For starters, there’s a list of factual articles I want to write (currently enough for an article a day for a month – and growing). That is the easy bit. Finding markets is going to be a challenge. There’s another twenty eight short chapters to be written of a devotional for men, a stage adaptation of the Book of Revelation for the embryonic Noah’s Nanny Goat Productions, a sci-fi novel to be completed and the quest for a voice and platform for some of my Spoken Word style poetry. Along with a couple of other projects, that should be enough to chew on to begin with, but if it all comes to nothing … there’s always “Plan B” … back to the psychiatric wards …

2 thoughts on “After Tomorrow, This Is My Office …

  1. Phillip Brown says:

    Hi Seymour,
    I would like to wish you all the best in your attempts to move away from the mainstream, will be hard work but very worth it should you be successful.
    Was life on the wards that bad, or not as you expected?
    Take care mate

    1. Ah, Philip, thank you for commenting. Yes … well … I have always wanted to do this since I was about 13. I guess the nursing thing is always there as a second income and fallback plan. I’ll still be working the odd shift and keeping my registration. Maybe I’ll get round to writing at greater length about it but although I have loved working on the wards for the most part, the atmosphere of the profession is subtly changing and I seemed to be putting more energy into trying to measure the immeasurable for the sake of targets, constantly having to justify and prove that we are doing what I consider to be givens like caring for people and listening to their needs, endless paperwork, having to keep half an eye on the shadow of litigation and a contractual approach to therapeutic work that I think is killing it. Don’t get me wrong, I still regard it as a privileged and rewarding job, but when there’s another dream you want to chase, you have less patience with the niggles 🙂

      Hope you are doing well, too, mate 🙂

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