Time to Turn it Off and do the Fridge Free Fandango?

The contents of my fridge.
What is it good for? Ratatouille, Mayo, Spread and Milk.

Here is a picture of the inside of my refrigerator at the moment. Is this what writing does to you? Leaves you with so much cold, white space to feed your starving artistic temperament?


Although I was pretty startled to look in there and see it so empty, I think this is the inevitable quiet accumulation of the effect that a few simple lifestyle choices has had. I wake up to the fact that my core convictions have slowly turned against everything that the fridge stands for to the point that it stands virtually empty. I suppose when you give up meat and dairy the fridge is soon to follow. I do struggle to think of anything ultimately good that this gadget has contributed to humanity so I put this article/rant out there as my contribution to the global fridge-free movement:

Would Everyone be Better Off Without a Fridge?

4 thoughts on “Time to Turn it Off and do the Fridge Free Fandango?

  1. Hmmm … yes I had heard that some sort of terracotta pot could make an effective refrigerator. I have a wine cooler that is made of ceramic that you just soak and then it cools the wine by evaporation. I guess these are the techniques people used to refrigerate stuff before CFCs were invented. Thanks for the ref.

    Also I had not heard of Gala Darling but she does look like one to watch and learn from. Thanks for the “heads up” – I have subscribed on bloglines 🙂

  2. Lester says:

    Oh no, don’t look up to that Gala Darling fraud! She is the subject of a loootttt of controversy.

    I found out Gala’s way of doing business is lying to her readers and making it seem like she is making money through her blog, freelance writing and all that. Unfortunately, people have found out it’s not true at all. Gala Darling may not be a trust fund baby like a lot of people claim but there is no doubt she’s getting help somewhere, maybe from her boyfriend, and doesn’t truly earn a living independently from blogging and writing articles 😦

    1. Don’t want to get too sucked into the Gala Darling controversy, but if she sells 500 podcasts per month, which is pretty reasonable for someone with that many regular readers, at $10 a pop, that’s $5000 right there. Enough to pay New York rent and buy plenty of shoes.

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