Google Insights Reveal that Good is Prevailing over Evil

Researching for articles is a massive time-sink. Many are the distractions that offer themselves under the guise of “research”, not least, messing about with keywords on Google Insight. This great site enables you to “compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties”, making it possible to identify rising trends, neatly presented in a graphical format.

Thanks to Google Insight I am able to reassure readers that Good continues to prevail over Evil. Internet users in Lesotho appear to be showing the most interest in “Good”, and the rising star in the “good search” war is someone called “Mister Good”.

Good and Evil Graph
Good Prevails Over Evil

Google Insight also reassures us that Cats are more popular than Dogs in spite of the trending interest in “lol cats“, which was an unknown phenomenon prior to late 2006 and peaked in 2008.

Popeyes’ favourite vegetable, spinach, also has a very slight edge on broccoli although broccoli is catching up and, not surprisingly, brussel sprouts continue to bump along the bottom.

Use Google Insights to take the pulse of the world and waste a few more hours in dubious research activities …

2 thoughts on “Google Insights Reveal that Good is Prevailing over Evil

  1. Tessa Stevenson says:

    Good to hear you like gathering from hedges too. I’ve always done this, being a country lass. Lived in Milton Keynes for a while, which was brilliant for this. Local kids thought I was a gypsy, as they knew blackberries were poisonous.

    Milton Keynes has lots of fruit for free. I made loads of jam and stuff. Used to go with a friend, collecting nuts, and sweet chestnuts in Bow Brickhill woods. We would have hysterics, with our rear ends sticking out of hazel thickets, wondering what passing motorists thought as our gyrating backsides shook more hazelnuts out of the encasing bushes.

    There were 2 old ladies who used to go into the town centre on their invalid carriages, and park under the cherry trees. One would hold the chariots still, while the other laboriously clambered up onto them, and reached the cherries in the trees to put into their baskets.

    Good foraging

    1. Hello, Tessa,

      Thank you for your comment, made me chuckle – especially that image of the two old ladies. I think we are just coming into the most abundant time of year for foraging so I am excited to get out there. A few mushrooms are showing, beech nuts, blackberries, rosehips, crab-apples – it’s going to be a good year 🙂

      Have yourself a tasty wild late summer!


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