Blogging Friends: Spreading The Love

See that column on the bottom right? That’s my Blogroll. I wrote this as a static page but was so blown away as I pondered the qualities of my various blogging friends that I thought I’d make it a post, too. These are all people I know offline and I would like to introduce them to you in no particular order:

Nick Howes: Developing leaders and organisations to their full potential.

Nick is the associate Director at LMI UK (Leadership Management), a training and development company that has been going since 1966 – that’s a long time for this kind of company. Nick is based in Coventry. His blog shares gems of wisdom in leadership and training, motivation, planning, and goal setting in a nice informal style.

Liz Coughlan: Geriatric Gapper

I first met Liz when I was about 5 in Zimbabwe. Since then she has travelled and taught all over the world in England, the USA, Zimbabwe, Spain, Argentina, South Africa, Thailand, El Salvador, Malaysia, Italy and Turkey. Currently based in Turkey and retired from teaching, Liz blogs her travel experiences and the colourful life of Istanbul. She also writes at Helium.

Daniel Sladen: true//edible

Daniel was my room mate for the first term at University, he is one of the most intelligent people I know, and a gifted philosopher. He is a tax expert and city banker in London but he is on a mission to share fine recipes and discover an authentic experience of “church” in the 21st Century; both of which he does very well on his blog.

Ben Jiggins: These Thoughts of Mine

Ben is an elf from Middle Earth thinly diguised as a science teacher. He has a thoroughly considered opinion on just about everything so his thoughts are worth a read. Ben blogs about books, films, music and fragments of contemporary culture as well as random uncategorizable stuff.

Gabriel Smy: The Tongues Of Men

Content Guru by day and Novelist by night, Gabriel is a man with a vorpal pen. If pens were swords his would be Saldin’s Scimitar. His chameleonic ability with poetry, web copy, and fiction is an inspiration to me. Gabriel is based in Cambridge and blogs about his coming novel, “The Tongues of Men” and all things writing.

Marika Rose: Theologies

Marika … I can’t really tie it down in a single phrase. She’s an academic theologian with not the slightest hint of bluestocking. Her blog does what it says on the tin, “Theologies”. Marika makes the wierd and wonderful ideas of bygone and current thinkers accessible and relevant to laymen like me.

James: James’ Blog

James IS a giant peach. By that I mean a soul with an engulfing sweetness it would take years to explore. James is based in the cultural melting pot of Bradford and blogs very honestly about his faith. He dares to say out loud the stuff that most of us won’t admit to thinking.

Becky Hunter: visual artist, itinerant art historian, freelance writer

Another of my greatest inspirations, Becky is insanely prolific and seems to cram into a single day what I can only hope to achieve in a week. Where does she find the time and energy to flit between York and Philadelphia, interviewing artists about their work, delivering talks, drawing and creating original artwork, and writing for magazines? She is amazing.

Emily Phillips: Emily Tamara’s Blog

After working like a trojan for several months, fighting off dastardly infections and saving all she can, Emily is at last starting at Nexus Music College in Coventry. Read about her experiences and adventures in faith … or even better, sponsor her!

Sally Heasley: Sally Heasley Illustration

Sally’s artwork has an illustrator’s simplicity of line and lightness of touch. It makes me think of icecream and parasols and has an atmosphere of unihibited joyousness. Her blog showcases her recent work and current projects and she sells lovely screenprints and cards at her

Heather Lawson: Home Grown Heather

Heather and her husband, Mark, are urban gardeners taking small steps towards sustainability and The Good Life in Durham, UK. Every time I see them, there is a new idea on the horizon of their ever-widening visions and plans. Heather blogs about the simple pleasures of their little plot and other exciting projects.

Stuart Porter: Eat More Raw

Meet the man who eats 30 bananas a day! Since breaking free from a host of physical ailments – back pain, IBS and fatigue – by changing his diet, Stuart has become an advocate of the raw vegan lifestyle. He proves that you really can thrive on raw fruit and vegetables. He has a YouTube channel and is always pushing the limit of what can be achieved on his diet. He also sleeps without a pillow and runs barefoot – a true man.

Tim Mayo: Cool Christian Culture

Tim works for a homelessness charity and in his spare time he surfs and ponders Christian Culture from the perspective of a visual and new media artist. I love this humble man and his relentless quest to be a better person and live alive. His blog highlights some great charities, beautiful artwork, music and films and tries to see where “cool” and “christian” meet. He plays a mean guitar, too.

Dr. J: Heart Soul Mind and Strength

A man of bass, beats and strong convictions, I have had the privilege of playing in bands with Jason during his years at Durham University. Jason is a DJ and musician, never seen without cans on his head. His blog is a mix of photography, videos and other creative projects. He’s another of those people who crams every day full. Where does he get the energy? Loves God, nuff said.

Sian Aynsley: Literal Librarian

Another Durham graduate from the old university days. Sian held the record as a longtime housemate to my wife until I overtook her a couple of years ago. She has gone on to become one of the new breed of librarians; by that I mean unstuffy, savvy, information management ninjas. Currently working as an NHS librarian and blogging in that niche, Sian always has creative projects going on the side where she lets the artist out.

Robyn Trainer: Floral Footsteps

Robyn Works for the Ethical Superstore and is forging a second career as a photographer, illustrator, and florist. I don’t know anyone who can put so much life into a few penstrokes and a blotch of colour. She blogs about the projects she is working on and the lovely people in her world.

Matt Finn: Confessions of an Undercover Theologian

Matt is the living proof that there is so much more to Geography than colouring in. His blog has been going for years. Matt is doing a PHD and the “undercover theologian” bit is about revealing the theological dimension in absolutely everything he does, geographical and otherwise. His posts are always thought provoking and very current from, “How Emphasis can Quickly Become Reductionism” to, “Keep Anachronisms Relevant”.

Pete Phillips: postmodernbible

Pete is Secretary of the Methodist Church’s Faith and Order Committee and Director of Research for Centre for Biblical Literacy at St John’s College, Durham. He’s also a Dad and an avid tweeter and social media networker. He’s massively involved in advocating for the Bible in a digital age, dashing round the country with a bag full of i-gadgets and writes about all this stuff on his blog. In spite of having such a full mind, you always feel that he is 100% with you when he’s with you – I covet that quality.

Chris Juby: Christian spirituality, web design, reading, music and life

Chris is the arts and media man at my church and runs his own web design show. He shot to fame in August 2010 with his herculean project to tweet the whole bible at biblesummary. He’s one of my most valued brotherly confidants and encouragers. He blogs his worship sets and the books he is reading. Sorted Geezer!

11 thoughts on “Blogging Friends: Spreading The Love

  1. Tim says:

    Hey mate,

    You flatter me greatly! It’s so great to see how the blogging community of Kings integrates itself with the more general community.

    I’m also looking forward to meeting up to talk blogs. Haven’t forgotten…

    Bless you

    1. Yes, my good man, we shall have to make a date to do that, soon.

      I think there might be one or two Kings bloggers still to come out of the woodwork, too.

      Keep it real 🙂

  2. You’re far too kind. Keep it up…

    Seriously, thanks for the kind words and also for keeping track of where the late 90s Durham community has wound up. And if at any point you decide that fish don’t suffer too much, there’s a nice Megrim sole recipe coming soon

  3. Thank YOU.

    Yeah, who said anyone needed facebook?

    With fish, it is more than just how much they may or may not suffer and also has to do with what else gets caught in the nets, what they have been eating, and the state of fish stocks – it’s always complex …

    Anyway, enjoy your sole!

  4. Thanks for including me, Seymour. I am very touched. I’m in KZN visiting Jane, at the moment, I return to Istanbul tomorrow. You certainly have an amazing collection of friends! xx

  5. Hey Seymour… logistical question… your link to my blog doesn’t work… just in case anyone wanted to check it out, would you mind changing it? Hope you don’t mind me asking! Thanks again for the kind words. Beckyx

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