Milk Monday: Nocton Dairies Lincolnshire Campaigns

On October the 4th, The Lincolnshire Echo reported that one of the three key partners backing the Lincolnshire super dairy had pulled out due to the “unwelcome public attention” that the plans had attracted.

A consortium of businesses has submitted, withdrawn and is re-submitting plans for a massive US style zero-grazing factory farm, which would be the first of its kind in the UK, near the village of Nocton in Lincolnshire. In spite of a growing public outcry, the industry has pressed ahead while trying to win the hearts and minds of the local population. Animal rights groups have been seriously disturbed by the implications of this type of farming which takes an inherently exploitive practice to its extreme.

I have covered some of these issues in previous “Milk Monday” posts.

cow advert

Naming and Shaming in Lincolnshire

Encouraged by the success of the unwelcome public attention, campaigners at 38Degrees used social media channels to appeal for financial help in order to take out full page adverts in the local press aimed at naming and shaming the remaining two partners in the enterprise, E.M.Howard Ltd and Blankney Estates. In just 6 hours of fundraising, £5,000 was raised and the adverts went ahead with a little tweaking after one of the companies contacted the paper before the ad was run.

Some 22324 people have added their names to the petition at 38Degrees so far.

Also leveraging social media to drive protest against cow factory farms, the WSPA “Not In My Cuppa” campaign has been running a “twittition” petition. It has 94 twignatures so needs a boost, people! Nevertheless, they have racked up a grand 2392 tweets and 1841 posts on facebook. (This implies what I always suspected that in spite of being part of a tiny upstart compared to Facebook, Twitters are more engaged.)

Sadly but not surprisingly, it appears that Nocton are pressing ahead with the plans and the battle is not over yet. It is my guess that the average consumer doesn’t really care where their milk comes from as long as it remains cheaper than bottled water.


Nocton Blog

WSPA “Not In My Cuppa” Campaign

CAFFO – Campaign against Factory Farming Operations


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  1. Thanks for your great support Milk Monday! Catherine@WSPA

  2. Thank you, Catherine. Glad to be supporting the campaign. I emailed one of you earlier this week about getting some more Milk Monday content relevant to the WSPA campaign. Hope I’ll be able to help.

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