Amusing Spam Comments

Thanks to Akismet, spam comments on this blog are swiftly detected and dealt with but I do find some of them amusing. It’s a nice way to kick back for a couple of minutes and have a giggle:

Kris writes: I am doing research for my college thesis, thanks for your excellent points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

I really hope that my blog has not been the cause of someone acting on sudden impulse, maybe I need to upgrade my indemnity package.

Jimmy says: Give me now.

Short and to the point but I dearly wish I knew what Jimmy wants, or perhaps that is better left unsaid.

seo submit: hello Seymour Writes , i comment your blog , be a nice blog and greatly. Great for everyone. useful Milk Monday and Arts content. i going to visit to read and review your website.

Thanks, seo submit, I will try to be a nice blog greatly in the future. I appreciate that you have given me evidence of actually looking at one or two posts before spamming me. I look forward to reading your review sometime, too.

potenzmittel kaufen: Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

Thank you, potenzmittel. I must say you have an odd name, but I’m glad you think the blog is beautiful and amazing. I’m afraid I am fresh out of feeds but will be getting some more just as soon as I can get to the the co-op. Remeber all my feeds are organic so you can be sure whichever one you take, it’s good for the planet.

Grants for school: You nicely summed up the issue. I would add that this doesn’t exactly concenplate often. xD Anyway, good post… thanxx

“Concenplate” – that’s a new word for me. I had to google it and found that it is a unique word that appears approximately 2000 times in identical comments on other blogs. My, you have been busy … are you even human?

Right … thanks for all the comments, I’m off for a spam sandwich.

2 thoughts on “Amusing Spam Comments

  1. … nice blog, I booked marked it and will tell all my friends too…..

    … just so that you can find even more spam in your in box!

    I found that I was getting huge amounts of spam from my wordpress blog so I set up the wordpress user login function. It immediately put an end to all the spam I get, from the blog at least. From my other accounts I still have typically 500 spam emails to sort through and delete on returning home from a holiday.

    I was wondering Seymour. You have a subscribe option. How did you set that up? Is it a standard wordpress feature that I’ve not come across or is it a plug in?

  2. Hey, Stuart, thanks for the spam!

    I use wordpress’ own hosting, so I don’t have the software on my computer, I just get what they offer on their server. They will host the blog under your own domain name for a small fee. I’m possibly re-thinking this because they, understandably, don’t offer any monetization options.

    Anyway, Akismet spam filtering and a subscribe button comes as standard with their hosting. I assume that it must be available as a plugin, too, but I guess you’ll have to ask your hosting service and have a fish around the wordpress plugins to see what can be done.

    Sorry not to be able to be more helpful. I hope you find what you need.

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