50 Happinesses

‘Self-portrait at an early age’.
Rembrandt (Self Portrait at an Early Age)

Inspired by Barb Lane at THIS | LIMINALITY who in turn was provoked by Julia Cameron‘s Daily Pages in “The Right to Write” I have tried this little exercise to think of 50 things that make me happy. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they are all very simple things that generally cost nothing, and this itself is food for thought. I found the exercise got harder after about 20 items. Doing 50 means you really have to dig a bit deeper – but I recommend it as an excellent way of cultivating an awareness of the simple pleasures. I think it would be quite easy now to do another 50 as I am more aware. Give it a go.

Here are mine:

  1. My dog’s ears, nose and paws
  2. Second Hand Bookstores
  3. Being on the deck of a ship
  4. Wild swimming
  5. Lentil dahl
  6. Espresso
  7. The dog greeting me on my return home
  8. Clear frosty mornings
  9. Getting “retweeted”
  10. Discovering a new favourite author
  11. Looking at Rembrandt’s paintings in situ
  12. Baking bread
  13. Mown grass
  14. Corduroy
  15. Laughing hard
  16. Baths with bubbles
  17. My spouse sleeping peacefully
  18. Loading a fresh roll of film
  19. Forgotten items in jacket pockets
  20. A cup of coffee that someone else has made for me
  21. Autumn
  22. Ragtime
  23. Familiar Hymns
  24. The smell of wood-smoke
  25. Bach
  26. Rainbows
  27. A pint of Guinness
  28. The static at the beginning of a record
  29. Receiving an handwritten letter
  30. Small medieval churches
  31. Bumblebees
  32. Writing in the dead of night
  33. Walled gardens
  34. Lombardy poplars
  35. When underdogs win
  36. Backgammon and wine
  37. Finishing something
  38. Treehouses
  39. Taking off and landing in a plane
  40. Aftrnoon naps
  41. Flat on back, lights out, head between the speakers
  42. A sauna and cold plunge
  43. Live music
  44. Soap
  45. Aubergines
  46. Pillow talk
  47. Sandalwood
  48. Art Deco buildings and objects
  49. New notebooks
  50. Crabs and lobsters (not on my plate, though)

Sweet!Makes me happy just to think on them.

What would be your 50 happinesses?

6 thoughts on “50 Happinesses

  1. These are my favourites:
    Being on the deck of a ship
    The smell of wood-smoke
    Walled gardens

    Which would lead me to… a treehouse designed like a ship… in a walled garden with a small fire?

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