Milk Monday: Happy Valentine’s Day and Meet Molly!

“Our love is in Your Cornflakes”, a bovine love duet between a cow and a farmer is vying for the top spot in the Valentine’s Day charts this week. The crooning couple have been separated when Molly the cow is sold down the river to a factory farm but the farmer is struck with regret and wonders, “who is milking her now?”

Readers may recognise the comedian Kevin Eldon in role as the the farmer and Ruth Bratt as the voice of the cow. The creative handiwork comes from Adam Miller who also pulls the strings on BBC3’s “Mongrels“. In spite of the apparently light hearted approach to the topic, Adam said “I feel pretty sad and not a little bit angry” about mega dairies.

Judging from the comments on the YouTube version of the clip plenty of people feel the same way about mega dairies, but a handful also feel sad and angry about the song, fearing that it trivialises the issue. Well, I watched it a few times and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I was left with an overwhelmingly serious feeling about the whole issue. It has also reignited a whole load of questions for me about what we actually mean when we say that we “love” animals and puts me in mind of the few times I have tangled with people who insist that they feel love for their animals but … er … eat them and stuff.

While the proposals for Britain’s first mega dairy at Nocton in Lincolnshire are under review by the North Kesteven District Council and growing in the public conscience through campaigns such as this one from WSPA UK, I can only hope – with many others – that consumers will take an increasingly active interest in what they eat and drink and make ethical choices.


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  1. […] will be found before long. Molly rose to fame on St. Valentine’s Day earlier this year when she released her first Moosic video, “Our Love is in Your Cornflakes”, capturing the nation’s heart in a duet with […]

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