Current Creative Projects

The next couple of months is looking exciting, here’s what I am up to:

Illustration by Robyn Trainer

Stories from the Borders of Sleep

This is my personal pet project that is delightfully growing a life of its own. For a number of years I have been keeping a dream diary and also a record of some of the tales that unfold in my mind whenever I close my eyes and let my imagination go. The process has simply been one of observing and recording stuff that doesn’t seem to take any particular effort to invent or formulate and I have ended up with a growing stock of fantastical stories that seem to happen in another realm where reality and fantasy coincide.

Having enlisted the help of a phenomenally gifted illustrator, Robyn Trainer, and a brilliant sound recordist, Tim Wiles, these stories are now finding their way into the world. At the moment, I am podcasting the stories every fortnight at but also hoping to develop some spin offs such as a series of books and CDs and marketing myself as a storyteller. My real hope is that this project will develop into something that will enable me to blend my writing with performance and to tell my stories to live audiences.

iMass: a digital eucharist

iMass at Greenbelt 2011

My good fortune in knowing the tirelessly creative and innovative James Robinson (AKA noahsapprentice4747) has lead to a few crazy collaborations, the latest of which is developing the iMass for this year’s Greenbelt Festival, which will run from the 26th to the 29th of August this year at Cheltenham Racecourse. The Rev. Jim Craig (the community arts chaplain for Gateshead) and James are heading up this event that will explore the innovative use of digital media with on and offline aspects contributing to a service of eucharist.

My small contribution will be working with digital tools and musician and graphic artist Mark McKnight on the soundscape for the event. it should be a blast! We have also been given the job of decorating a tent on the theme of “Dreams of Home”.

Kronheim's Baxter process illustration of Reve...

The Apocalypse of St John

Following the success of Bible on a Washing Line, it is looking more and more likely that the next creative endeavour from Noah’s Nanny Goat Productions (another brainchild of noahsapprentice) is a performance of the entire Book of Revelation in the King James Version.

For the last ten years I have harboured a dream to present the vision St. John received on the Isle of Patmos a couple of thousand years ago as a monologue. When I spoke to James about this, he basically said, “right, when are we doing it then?”

It seems like the 400th anniversary of the King James translation and the apocalyptic natural events of 2011 pointed to this year being the perfect moment to realise this dream. James is bringing all his expertise as a visual and digital creative to compliment the monologue with sound and video and I’m trying to memorise 22 chapters at a rate of ten verses a day.

All being well, we are hoping to rock this in time for Advent.

Somewhere in the midst of this I’m trying to stay on top of the laundry and a handful of freelance writing and editing assignments. Life is never dull.

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