Milk Monday: Molly is Missing!

Molly the cow is missing. The Chickens have temporarily taken over her twitter account while the nationwide search is taking place, fuelled by social media. Tweeters and Facebookists are being encouraged to spread the word in the hope that Molly will be found before long. Molly rose to fame on St. Valentine’s Day earlier this year when she released her first Moosic video, “Our Love is in Your Cornflakes”, capturing the nation’s heart in a duet with comedian, Kevin Eldon.

Those who join the search by raising awareness of Molly’s plight and the horrors of factory farming will be added to the Not In My Cuppa Campaign’s “Search and Rescue” Team.

However, it seems that if your name is “Molly” and you are of the bovine persuasion, your chances of making a bid for freedom will be well rewarded as we also learned recently of another “Molly” who bounded free from a slaughter house in Montana in 2006 and managed to evade the cops and a SWAT team for six hours before being recaptured and earning a reprive and a place in the Badass of the Week hall of fame for sheer badassery!


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