A Doodle a Day: Part VI

Sometimes writing in my journal feels too much like work, so I turn to my storyboard Moleskine and doodle instead – it’s never difficult to fill a simple little rectangle with something that comes to mind. I never try to read too much into what comes out on the page and you shouldn’t either. I have to admit that some of  this latest batch is influenced by Graham McCallum’s book “400 Art Deco Motifs“, which is a recent source of inspiration.

Research tells us that “doodling improves concentration” so we should all do more of it.

The world is not enough.

Boxed Bird

Fife and Drum


Surprised Horse


Devon Coast

Want more? Here is a link to my other doodle postings.


10 Responses

  1. I can see why Barb Lane likes your blog so much. She, too, is an incessant doodler and is one of the most artistic people I know.

  2. great post and thanks for mentioning my blog. you just got a new follower

  3. Keep those doodles happening!

  4. Lovely.

    I especially like the fife and drum one.

    • Hm, thanks, yes. When I was kid I used to draw things I really wanted to do: play Pete Seeger’s banjo, participate in a cavalry charge, create large explosions, fly a helicopter.

      It felt as if drawing those things brought me a bit closer to experiencing them. Lately I have found an urge to do this again.

      This doodle is actually a daydream of mine … that’s me on the fife (which I can’t really play very well at all) and one of my friends on the drum and we are busking by a lamp post on a bridge in my home town. Maybe we’ll actually get to do it one day.

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