Lucky Seven Meme: I got tagged …

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So I got tagged by Gillian of skybluepinkish …

She’s posted 7 sentences from her current manuscript, “The Dorothy Summer” (check it out), and now it’s my turn:

  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
  • Go to line 7
  • Post on your blog the next 7 lines, or sentences, as they are – no cheating!
  • Tag 7 other authors to do the same

Most of my stuff is less than seven pages (I put up a fresh short story nearly every week at “Stories from the Borders of Sleep“). However, with minimal preamble, here are the seven sentences beginning from the seventh line from the seventh page of my most advanced work-in-progress, a phantasy novelette entitled, “The Coat and Ring”.

Like a man who has been in the sun all day and who through the night gives off the radiance of what he has absorbed, I felt a strong glow from him. It was impossible to tell his age for his skin was well weathered by the elements rather than age, and he gave off an air of rude health. As he looked at me, I also had the impression that he was about to pounce on me and overpower me in a playful attack, like a young cub intent on tussling one of his brothers into submission.

I introduced myself and asked how he came to be there at Terence’s table on this particular night. I wished to discover if Terence had a continuous traffic of guests to whom the same attentive hospitality was shown or if I had stumbled into some sort of occasional celebration.

Selwyn looked at me with slight amusement under his moustache once again and took a few moments to answer me, as if he was weighing whether to play a joke on me or not.

Delightfully random …

So I’m handing the baton on to a few of my favourite writer bloggers (who may or may not appreciate being tagged), but I recommend you check them out anyway:

Valerie Storey at

James Tallet at

Rolando Garcia at

Mandy Eve Barnett at

Curtiss Ann Matlock at

Marly Youmans at

Lisa Wright at

Amberr Meadows at

9 thoughts on “Lucky Seven Meme: I got tagged …

  1. Seymour, it’s always lovely to be on a favo(u)rite list! Shall do, probably tomorrow as I just posted and am moving on through the giant To Do list.

    Must say that I find tiny bites like this to be aggravating because I always want more. The vampire reader…

    1. So kind of you, Marly, thank you. For me this was a welcome opportunity to avoid that “to do” list for a few moments, but I know what it’s like. Knowing how busy people are makes me just a little wary of tagging them like this, so … no pressure 😉

  2. Great excerpt Seymour. I rather like the short sharp bites because that way I find writers I might otherwise not have read. Also I think (or perhaps it’s just me) that we put so much effort into the opening paras to “hook” the reader that it’s only further in that we really write true to ourselves. Thanks for playing along.

  3. […] The rules of the Lucky Seven Meme say that one is supposed to go to page 7 or 77 of one’s current manuscript (naturally, one has half a dozen to choose from. Remember the Flanders and Swann routine based on Greensleeves: ‘if you’re writing a musical, which I’m sure practically all of you are …’); go to line 7; and then post on your blog the next seven lines or sentences. I’m still new to this blogging thingy, but I  wanted to play too. To this end you will find below seven sentences from my longest manuscript (the afore-mentioned Alice in Wonderland), from page 7 (chapter 1) and from page 77 (towards the end of chapter 10).  I promise you that this makes a lot more sense with the intervening seventy pages. I also recommend Seymour’s post on the same subject. […]

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