This screen …

Dear friends,

It kills me that we can’t hang out together in real life.  I’m tired of reading your blogs; I want to spend these long summer days being where you are and talking to your faces. Offline life is quite absorbing at the moment and I feel as if some subtle re-consecrating and rearranging is going on that is really hard to articulate in pithy 500-word posts. In a roundabout way, I’m trying to say that I miss my blogospheric community and apologise for my recent lack of participation; you know who you are and I think of you often. I reckon I’ll find my groove again in the near future and look forward to picking up some trailing threads …



8 thoughts on “This screen …

    1. Seriously!? You’re going to be up here for a week? I really hope we can see you …

      Oh, NEXT August … yeah – that’s too far away.

      Be swinging by Brizzle at some point late this Aug and will have to look you up again this time.

      Missing you, too.

      1. Yeah, *next* August! Yes, do please come and have dinner with us if you’re here later on in August, that would be amazing! I’m away next week but otherwise around the whole time 🙂 We’re in our new house, so let us know so I can give you directions to the right place 🙂

  1. The irony here is that you’ve spoken much regardless of a dirth of words. I have the opposite problem. People should inspire posts as much as vice versa.

    1. ” People should inspire posts as much as vice versa.” YES! You have spoken much right there – one for the “fragmentia” file I reckon 😉

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