Let “Finishing” be your Drug of Choice

As much as I despise psychological profiling, I know I don’t score highly as a completer/finisher.

Nevertheless, few things beat the thrill of finishing something; it’s a natural high.

If you have woken up to Monday morning blues, could it be the hung-over unfinished things of last week that are to blame?

If I ever start to feel bad about myself, I often find that not finishing something is at the root of the bad feelings. Conversely, actually finishing just one thing can put me back on top of the world and inspire me to go on to finish something else.

Unfortunately, it sometimes feels as if the price to pay for finishing is too high; I often settle for the cheaper thrills such as being ‘tweeted’ by a ‘celebrity’:


Finishing doesn’t have to be an expensive drug. There are all sorts of small things you could finish in the next five minutes – like emptying and reloading the dishwasher.

In order to get the week underway, I prescribe what I call a “finishing ladder”.

    1. Start with a small task and finish it. It feels good.
    2. Enjoy the endorphins but move up to a slightly bigger task before they subside.
    3. By the time you have two “finishes” under your belt, you’ll be looking for your next hit – go get it!
    4. Move on up the ladder towards bigger tasks.
    5. Before the day is over you just might be hooked on finishing.

Try to finish some stuff today …

Your dopamine receptors will love you for it.

4 thoughts on “Let “Finishing” be your Drug of Choice

  1. If there was a personality profile for finsihing tasks I’d rate horribly as well which is why this post was really good to see.

    I don’t get elated from finishing until it’s gone, whether to an exam board or publisher. It’s not an immediate reinforcer for me, maybe that’s what’s wrong with me!

    But I’m starting to appreciate the finishing nature of things more now I get older – time seems to have made me think more about completing things.

    I definitely get a finishing feeling posting on wordpress however – it’s the immediate gratification.

    1. Yep! You make a good point about “immediate reinforcement”. It doesn’t always come instantly. Starting the day by making a quick blog post can be a good way to feel that you have at least produced something.

      I often stop short of fully completing something, though, sometimes falling prey to a premature satisfaction – finishing a letter but not getting round to posting it.

  2. chris thornley says:

    Today, you were my inspiration. I have finished a couple of poems that have been hanging around at the back of my head for weeks. I feel sober again. I do hate it when the little hammers and drums keep trying to spur me on and prompt me into pro-activity. You are so right. To finish is to feel fulfilled. I now feel relaxed and can have some quiet time until the next spark comes into my brain to disturb me and transport me into another place.

    Best wishes from sunny Skegness. We are packing the campervan for a few days away to the woods and a spot of fishing.


    Very kindest regards Chris & Pauline Thornley – Sandgate Hotel – Skegness. Tel. (44) 01754 762667 Visit our Website at: http://www.sandgate-hotel.co.uk

    1. Hi, Pauline,

      Super to hear from you again, and I’m glad to hear this was what you needed 🙂

      Hope you have a good trip and get plenty of fresh inspiration from it.

      All the best,

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