Choose Your Path for 2014

I’ve caved in to blogging expectations and decided to publish a New Year post. This is actually slightly recycled from my Analog Photog Blog (which is in currently in the doldrums) and relates to an ongoing photographic project.

I have a question for you, dear reader: As you look ahead into 2014, and the year stretches before you, which of these paths best represents what you see ahead?


Bright, open and straight?


Wide yet disappearing quickly into the woods?


A frosty uphill?

Meandering Footsteps

Heck, I’ll just make my own meandering way over this field of snow?


Dark and threatening?

This Way

Just one little hump, and I have no idea what’s on the other side?

Woodland Path

Winding shady groves?

Dewy Fog

Journeying into a bright dawn?

This Way

Took a wrong turn somewhere?

A Slice of Middle Earth

Full of mystery and promise?

Deep Summer

Going deeper?

Long Light

Haunted by my own shadow?

Tarka Trail

Entering a dark tunnel, will there be light at the other end?

Brent Tor

Pilgriming towards the sacred?

Down There

A slippery descent?


The shining tranquility of my autumn years?

Stairway to ...

Emerging from a prison?

One Leading Nowhere Just For Show

The only way is up but how am I going to get there?

Waldridge Fell Path

Taking the high road?


The ancient track?

What will it be?

Just for the record, If you were to ask me, I’d probably say “All of the above.”


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