Swifts for the tacit longings of our adult years

As we approach middle age, is it normal for birds to become more fascinating to us? We start feeding them, watching them, doodling them. Do they represent our longing to shed the earthbound web we’ve woven for ourselves and to be as light as air? Maybe it’s just me.

Once again my scratchpad (the notebook I keep strictly for rough work/business notes, lists of action items and phone calls) has been invaded by the doodling dreamer.

try to make a swift with as few strokes of the pen as possible.

try to make a swift with as few strokes of the pen as possible.


2 Responses

  1. Love the raw nature of the drawing. And maybe – maybe it’s a yearning for a perceived freedom, or the longing for a time when we hung out our personal shingles with such abandon and desperation and cried, “Choose me!” I don’t know…but I am more fascinated with birds now than I was in my twenties…

    • Exactly! I never really gave birds a second look when I was in my twenties. Now my day is punctuated by their visits to the feeder and I really enjoy their presence – especially at the moment when they have their little ones with them, who can barely fly. My doodles tend to be a subconscious extension of my daydreams. I filled this page over the last couple of days during phone calls and between bursts of rather dry editing.

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