A Doodle A Day Part I

Recently I have been trying a new way of keeping a journal using the lovely little “storyboard” notebook by Moleskine. The idea is simply to fill a frame a day with some little sketch. This really works well for me because I am not a great drawer but I do enjoy doodling and the challenge of filling a 5x7cm box is well within my reach.

When I showed this to a friend he said, "it's Seattle". Maybe it is. I have never been there.
A polar bear looks at the moon and wonders how much longer the ice caps are going to be around for.
I set out to draw a freehand mandala and it blossomed into a flower.
This came about while I was sitting under a tree waiting for our broken-down car to be recovered.
This is my memory of a spot on the river Thames where I used to live, perhaps my most beloved spot on the planet.