I recommend Seymour Jacklin Writing and Editorial Services for giving astute, knowledgeable feedback. Seymour offers a detailed line edit, paying close attention to grammar and punctuation. I found the structural edit very helpful in considering voice, pace and conflict. Seymour gave a useful overview with helpful observations and suggestions to improve the narrative. A great editorial service which I will be using again!

I approached Seymour to act as copy editor for a series of recent, substantial essays on abstract art, artists’ letters and psychoanalysis. Being a professional writer engaged with academia, I am rather a perfectionist, and wanted to work with a quick but meticulous editor, who could iron out grammatical and stylistic errors in order to enhance the texts’ clarity and flow. Despite not being an expert in the fine art field, Seymour delivered brilliantly on this brief. He also added value by concisely (and tactfully!) highlighting my weaknesses, for example overlong sentences and repetitious qualifying phrases, as well as commenting helpfully on the overall structure of my work. By the time I had sent him the third essay to look over, my own sentences were tighter and (although I already know I’m a damn good writer) my confidence had truly grown. Thank you Seymour – I will be hiring you again!
Seymour has provided editorial services and writing skills coaching to my team at Northumbrian Water. Having a fresh, and independent, set of eyes to review the documents we produce has been very useful. Also, by coaching individuals around a piece of work they have written, rather than sending them on a generic writing course we have been able to gain tailored and targeted improvements. Seymour has helped us improve the quality of written work we produce.
Colum Goodchild
Asset Strategy Manager at Northumbrian Water

Seymour’s passion for the project and deep commitment to his work was evident from start to finish. His enthusiasm and skill in the workshops brought the best out of the children we were working with and his great talent as a writer has produced an extraordinary book which the children love. He worked extremely hard throughout and I couldn’t have been happier with the creativity and energy he brought to the project. It has been a privilege to work with Seymour on One Big Story and I look forward to working with him again on future projects!
Christina Maiden

Seymour has worked with me on several academic editing projects and does a fantastic job. He is notable for his attention to detail and his commitment to the jobs he takes on. He is reliable and friendly – great to work with!
Hannah Juby

Seymour is an ‘imagination’ kinda guy. Whether he’s brainstorming, researching, developing, writing, acting or whatever he puts his hand to – his untamable imagination drives his work. Seymour is a pleasure to work with and a valued member of the Noahs Nanny Goat team. He thinks outside the box and works with passion and dedication.
Creative Arts Director at Lee Abbey Devon


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